Saturday, September 4, 2010

My immediate environs

Here are some snapshots of my surroundings. We live in the executive guest house (recently remodeled for visiting university dignitaries; given to us for the year for some reason) on the campus of Hannam University.

a. The outside of our house.

b. Half of the front yard.
c. My room. It is huge.

d. Kitchen.

e. Living room and dining room.

f. Laundry drying room.
Note: left out of the house tour are the other 2 bedrooms, the 2 bathrooms, the multimedia room, and the wash machine room.

g. The following photos are of spots around Hannam campus.
This structure is in the compound where we live.

This building is where we will have our Korean language classes!

Hannam track where I run. It is super packed at 6 am.


  1. Wow! What a great set up! Your room is gorgeous. Now you just need to add some photos from home. So glad things have started off well, and happy that you have a safe place to run! Looking forward to more posts. Love and miss ya!
    Abbey :o)

  2. What a sacrifice you are making living in such shabby accommodations for the year. I can already see a snuggle fest waiting for me, you, and mother in March in your spacious digs.