Saturday, October 2, 2010

A short post

This is a short post to let you know that I am still alive and have survived my first week at Seomna House. Technically I am not really done with the first week yet since I will work Sunday too. I work Tuesday-Friday plus Sunday (and next week I will work Saturday at a church). The center has been very gracious towards me-- trying to work with me, taking the time to try to communicate with me, and feeding me. It is fun to eat with the children and play with them. I have sat in a music class, played soccer with a group of kids, watched their traditional Korean drum ensemble, and played some ping pong with the kids. Seomna has many amazing programs and does really awesome outreach with different populations! The kids are adorable. I have spent almost my entire time teaching English, which was just not what I was expecting. I have never taught English, never taught kids, and feel lost much of the time. I hope that things will get better once I am more comfortable with the kids and they are more comfortable with me! But teaching to kindergarteners or young elementary students who just want to run around and punch each other is a challenge for me in English, let alone in another language when they can't understand what I am trying to get them to do. It was neat to get the chance to converse with two migrant women who hail from Vietnam. My time has been busy and exhausting! We will see what week 2 has to offer (plus my conversation on Sunday with migrant men)!

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  1. What a relief to know youre still alive! Said in a completely non-snarky way.