Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Congratulations, all you YAVs around the world, we've made it to the halfway point. I wouldn't say that the time has flown by, nor has it dragged on. When I think of September, it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time. So much has been packed into the last five and a half months, that I can't even predict what will be come to pass over the next five and a half.

I feel that at this point, I should probably do some deep reflection and have something valuable to say about how I have spent the last half year. However, we all know this isn't my style. And really, I love to instead focus on the moment and the joys and adventures that are happening everyday. Besides, my last post was semi-serious. So, instead of trying to drop some pearls of wisdom or carefully sculpted reflections, I'm just going to show you a few fun things that have been happening in the past few weeks.

This is a mountain in Daejeon. I went here during Sollal, the Lunar New Year Celebration. It was nice hiking around the icy heights, taking in the pretty views, and chatting up the old men.

Expo Park is one of the most popular sites in Daejeon, as it houses tons of museums and an amusement park. During the Lunar New Year celebration, it hosted a festival for "global friends," that was complete with silly contests, prize drawings, playing of traditional Korean games, and eating tteokgu, the rice cake soup that must be eaten often during Sollal.
I loved this ride that was kiwi-themed.
Playing the world's largest dragon drum. BOOM!

Are you feet feeling a little callous-y? Have a little dead skin that you wouldn't mind parting with? Then Dr. Fish is the place for you! Stick your feet into the warm water. Feel a little tickle. Look down, yes, those are swarms of fish eating the dead skin off of your feet. Visited this gem with Katie, Kristen and the Khim kids. Munch munch.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over the weekend we transformed our house into a full-blown rock concert, replete with guitar hero, wii dancing games, several craft stations, a photo shoot, American food, and cupcakes filled with Reese cups. Not to mention a dozen 9 year-old rock stars with names like Dude, P, Roxy, and Sparkle. This was Kai-Li Khim's birthday party. Although who had more fun, me or her, is a matter of debate.
You might think this is Avril Lavigne, but it's really me.
My fellow rockers, Luka and Kai-Li Khim.

Other recent highlights:
--a huge duck lunch with the Japan group. Multiple courses of duck. Delicious. Thanks Rev. Choi!
--Taekwondo on Mondays. Hiya!
--meeting Katie's parents and joining them at Outback Steakhouse for our halfway point celebration!
--hanging out with my awesome kids from Seomna Center and teaching them the Miss Mary Mack hand clap game (which was a huge mistake, as I have now done it close to a million times)


  1. Cute fish pic with the peace signs!

  2. Awesome Jenny. I am a secret Guitar Hero Fan. I long for the day of playing it again. Ohh and the little fish, munch munch manicure!!! Miss ya buddy. take care.

  3. Great pics--the fish pedi is hilarious. I can't believe that's a thing!